Tok Tok privacy policy

Tok Tok privacy policy

Why We Collect Information

Since Tok Tok is a platform for trusted individuals and professionals, the information listed on the application must be true and accurate. To offer high-quality services to our drivers, We use your information for the following process

Most relevant information to customize our service according to current market situations.

To build a productive relationship with the trusted partners, Tok Tok uses your contact details shared with us such as your mobile number, email address, identification.

We use these details to update our service-related news, promotions, and recent updates.

The main aim of Tok Tok is to make our clients happy as per their needs. To assure this, the information collection and processing are completely transparent by our platform.

Information We Collect from You

We collect information about you from various resources. Specifically, there are three categories. We collect the information from direct login, social platforms, and third-party services all of which are directly consented to.

Information You Give to Us

While you are accessing our sites and using our services, we normally collect the following information from you.

Contact details (first name, last name,. Profile and Listing Information, address, phone number, identification, and profile picture)  Username, password Responses, ratings, and comments  We also collect professional details like work, licensing, and other public records.

Purchase data

Occupational details (address, office address, etc.)

We use the above-listed details to improve the customer experience by providing the essential features and customizing the website as per them.

How We Use Your Information

Provision of technical support

Generation of suggestions and contents as per real-time requirements

Protection against unlawful activities

Sending the Promotional details, new offers, etc.

Products and site sharing on your social platforms, if the social details are given


We follow the security measures with new technologies evolved in the market. We follow the encryption process via Secure Socket Technology (SSL) during the transmission of all personal data over the website. We strictly maintain the physical safeguards to protect the personal information against loss, unauthorized changes, and use. Though we follow, there is no 100% secure guarantee on data sharing across internet platforms.

Policy applicability

This policy applies to all our services and sites associated with it. Tok Tok application all follow this privacy policy strictly. Our services are also linked to other companies websites, where some of the features of asking the user information to promote them. Tok Tok has no rights to control those websites and this privacy policy does not apply to those websites.

Policy Changes

On account of any changes in our information collection and uses, We immediately update our privacy policy concerning it. We also intimate our users regarding the update of privacy policy prior (normally thirty days before) to the date of changes becoming active. By default, you review and approve our site for any updates in the privacy policy and the latest updates every time you Tok Tok log in.

Contact us

If you have any queries and suggestions for the improvement in the privacy policy and the information handling practices, Tok Tok welcomes them via the Tok Tok Contact Us Page.

At Tok Tok, we are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your information. This policy outlines how we collect, use, and safeguard your data.

Why We Collect Information

Tok Tok is a platform built on trust and accuracy. To maintain high-quality services and customization based on market trends, we collect and utilize your information. Your contact details, including mobile number, email address, and identification, are used to update you on service-related news, promotions, and updates, fostering relationships with trusted partners.

Information We Collect

Our app exclusively gathers the information you input, including location data, to enhance and personalize our services for you.

Prioritizing Your Privacy

Your privacy is our priority. We do not sell or share your information without explicit consent.

Your Consent

By using our app, you explicitly consent to the collection and use of your information to optimize our services based on your location.

Information You Give to Us

When accessing our app and utilizing our services, we collect various data including contact details, profile and listing information, username, password, responses, ratings, comments, professional details, purchase data, and occupational details. These details improve the customer experience and customize the website features.

How We Use Your Information

We utilize your information to provide technical support, generate real-time suggestions, protect against unlawful activities, send promotional details and offers, and enable sharing on social platforms if social details are provided.

Security Measures

We employ advanced security technologies, including Secure Socket Technology (SSL), and physical safeguards to protect your data. While we take stringent measures, internet data sharing does not offer 100% security.

Policy Applicability

This policy applies to all our services and associated sites. While we strictly adhere to this policy, certain features on linked websites may collect user information. Tok Tok does not control these sites, and this policy does not extend to them.

Policy Changes

In the event of changes to our information collection and use, we update our privacy policy promptly. Users are informed about policy updates, allowing them to review and approve before the changes become active.

Contact Us

We value your feedback. If you have any queries or suggestions for improving our privacy policy and information handling practices, please reach out to us via the Tok Tok Contact Us Page.